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Neuse Neighbors Network
Board of Directors

Thanks to the hard work of this dedicated team of individuals,
Neuse Neighbors Network is a reality in Pamlico County.


David Tikkala                        President  

Jayne Demers                       President, Ex Officio

Bob Fuller                             Vice President

Suzanne Jantzen                  Secretary 

Alice Petree                           Treasurer

Theda Butkus                       Treasurer, Ex Officio

Janice Cox                            Assistant Treasurer

Cathy Brugett                       Publicity/Communications

Denise Meng                         Community Outreach Coordinator

Vicki Rasmussen                  Help Line Coordinator

Cathy Cresswell                   Membership Coordinator

Debora Steenson                  Prime Time Liaison

Vacant:                                   System Administrator

Vacant:                                   Volunteer Coordinator


 Prime Time

Sharon Stephenson                Prime Time Board Chair